Mr.Koh - a previous ranch hand, film assistant, scriptwriter and reporter - believes his experiences, with a little help from serendipity, led him to where he is.

Kate Middleton's fashion

Kate Middleton's fashion sense entered excellent use on Saturday, when Princess Charlotte made her first balcony look for her granny s 90th birthday.

Remember the days

Remember the days of denim leggings, meadow skirts, and waterfall cardigans? What about the ones dominated by blanket headscarf's, one-shouldered

It amuses Mr.Koh himself

It amuses Mr.Koh himself too that his publications have actually made him an arbiter of all things fine, tasteful and cool because when he was maturing, "loser"

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Why Men's Shirts Make Me Seem like A New Woman

Remember the days of denim leggings, meadow skirts, and waterfall cardigans? What about the ones dominated by blanket headscarf’s, one-shouldered gowns, and low-slung harem trousers? If you’ve ever strapped yourself into a chains mini that pinches your skin just so, tried to rock a skirt with an oddly positioned peplum, or participated in the jelly-shoe revival (even though you swore you 'd leave those to kindergarten you), you understand the lure of a doubtful fashion trend. And if, like me, you’ve ever seen yourself in a store window and taken a couple of seconds to register that the reflection staring back is in fact you, then opportunities are you’ve strayed a little from dressing as you please.

What s "trendy" is, of course, totally reliant on personal analysis. When it comes to formulating a go-to wardrobe, having to constantly field blended signals about exactly what’s in, what’s out, and what you certainly can’t wear for your body shape can chip away at our love for experimentation.

Wearing what’s right for them, not just because something is socially acceptable, or mass produced at particular times of the year, has actually been an advantage for their confidence. Lumberjack t-shirts that when languished in the back of the wardrobe have come out in force, while others have actually discovered the willpower to toss their all-black wardrobes and begin using neon’s.

My antidote to quick fashion comes in the form of guy’s shirts. For a variety of years, a good chunk of my closet has been occupied by a large and rowdy collection, acquired from charity stores, garage sale, and my bros' storage rooms. I have navy oxfords, pinstriped linen, and any number of blue button-ups, which have actually brought solace whenever I’ve felt like my sense of style has actually gone awry. If dressing for the day ends up being a chore, I throw an extra-large shirt over a set of leggings, and can leave my home in 10 minutes flat. And while I’ve grown older and progressed in my style and tastes, my love for these oversized garments has stayed continuous, no matter exactly what has when trended.

Music festivals are normally full of quite young things sporting t-shirts with rain boots, while magazines are filled with celebrities, each stepping out in her partner's tent-sized t-shirt and a smile. As oversized shirts make it back in the spotlight, thanks in part to brands like Celine, Rag & Bone, DKNY, Givenchy, J.Crew, and a host of up-and-coming designers, the return of the outsized leading reminded me why I fell in love with them in the first place.

When I was younger, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was that drew me to guys clothes, nor exercise exactly what wonderful quality lived there that couldn’t be discovered in women’s fashion. Men could get by with a beautifully cut t-shirt and little else, I comprehended, however what was the comparable for women? Little black dresses that could only be worn when, or a denim jacket that must never make it previous summertime? Women, I recognized, had to continuously upgrade their closet to look sharp and appropriate or whatever appearance was the order of business. The challenge was to be taken seriously, however to protect a sense of uniqueness, all the while revealing that you appreciated the clothing you put on your back.

Shopping the men s department made me realize that women typically lose out on price and quality, too. I enjoy the thicker thread count that's discovered in top quality cotton men's t-shirts, and the understanding that the warp and weft will give me twice as much wear as lightweight tees from bargain shops. Too, did the acquisition of guys threads lend me a new sense of self. Everyone's clothes are freighted with significance; and when I sling my males’ Lacoste blue shirt around my shoulders (purchased for a simple $1.50), I make myself live up to the self-confidence, posture, and stride of its previous owner. Above all, fashion s androgynous minute really makes me feel more in touch with my femininity. The loose-fitting joints, thigh-grazing hemlines, and fluttering t-shirt tails make me feel more of a woman now than ever.

As an author, I can kick back and type in a t-shirt and jeans, however when I go to work at my task in charity, I can put on a smarter shirt with cigarette pants. Where fast fashion when failed me, my precious large shirts have never let me down and that’s why they remain the foundation of my style.